Just Do It.


1. Desire to re-start your blog, typically accompanied with nervousness or unease

Blog-xiety. That’s what I am calling this feeling I have experienced for the past few months. The silly anxiety that has stood between my desire to start regularly writing and the actual writing part.

I have adopted a new life motto, one that I think I can apply to many different parts of my life aside from starting this blog. In the famous words of Nike, Just Do It.

Just do it. Just start writing. Just go for the run you have been thinking about going on all day and are now dreading it. Just go out to happy hour with friends even though you would rather curl up on the couch and watch The Big Bang Theory with wine in hand. Just eat that last piece of chocolate cake, because you know what, you deserve it. Just do it.

This new found confidence and personal outlook all started when I had the honor of joining several local Austin foodies and food bloggers at Mizu for a tasting of their semi-new menu (re-cap of the night to come very soon). At the tasting I met women who have their own blogs in Austin. These are the very women I have looked up to through my computer screen: living vicariously through their eats, cooking experiences, and beautiful writing skills. At the dinner I felt like a kid in a candy shop meeting these women with such successful blogs, who love food as much as I do, who write about it on a regular basis, and best of all LOVE what they do. These women, Christy of Epicuriosities, Michelle of Foodie is the New Forty, and Kristin of Mad Betty, gave me that little push I needed to…Just do it.

So here I go. The start (or re-start I should say) of my foodie, happiness, and health journey, of One Fit Pig. That’s me, a 20 something year old girl, trying to stay fit, while being a little piggy.

Thank you ladies! More to come very, very soon!

The night I was inspired to, Just Do It!


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