Garrido’s Happy Hour


When I’m having a bad day, I usually turn to not-so-good-for-me-foods, or its close relative, margaritas. Diego usually knows how to turn my sad face into a happy one, so he suggested we meet for happy hour after he got off work. I immediately jumped on the investigation of a late-happy hour restaurant near downtown Austin that served killer margaritas. After searching numerous Yelp and Google reviews, I finally decided on Garrido’s.

On Mondays, Garrido’s Happy Hour runs from 4pm to close, and Tuesday – Friday from 3-6pm, with half price appetizers, $4 house margaritas, $2 off specialty cocktails, and $1 off wine and beer. Diego and I both ordered a house margarita with salt, and let me tell ya, Garrido’s has one nicely made margarita – not too sweet, and just the right amount of lime. I will definitely be returning for another round of these babies!

House Margarita with salt of course

Since their appetizers were half off, we decided to try a little bit of everything. We started off with the Pork Tostadas (or what they call, Bocaditos – a much more cutesy name if you ask me).

Pork Tostadas (Bocaditos)

The crispy corn chip was topped with goat cheese, a good side hunk of moist pork, pumpkin seeds, watermelon, and drizzled with a chipotle glaze. This girl LOVES me some goat cheese, so I was all up in this dish!

Pork Tostadas (Bocaditos)

In addition to the Pork Bocadito’s we ordered the Crab Meat Guacamole – Garrido’s house made guacamole topped with crab meat and pico de gallo.

Gulf Crab Guacamole

I especially liked the way they served their chips in a cone-like display. The chips were thick and crispy. I usually like thinner, crispier chips when I eat Mexican food, but these are an exception. They were dangerously addicting.

Gulf Crab Guacamole and Chips

The third dish we ordered was the Roasted Chicken Quesadillas. The quesadillas were filled with roasted chicken and topped with asadero cheese, Mexican crema, tomatillo salsa, and queso fresco.

Roasted Chicken Quesadillas

Out of the three dishes we ordered, the quesadillas were my favorite. The chicken was moist and flavorful, which paired nicely with the cheese and cream toppings. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I liked it because it was so pretty too.

Roasted Chicken Quesadillas

All in all, I really enjoyed my experience at Garrido’s. The beautiful weather that has taken over Austin made for the perfect excuse to sit on their tropical outside patio overlooking trees and the trickling creek below. I will definitely go back to Garrido’s very soon, speaking of….its FRIDAY! Everyone go out and have a margarita there TONIGHT! Live a little, right!?


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