My first Mud Run: The Jailbreak!


This weekend I went home with my sister and Diego for our first EVER mud run/obstacle course run! We have been excited for this for weeks, and boy was it an experience.

The Jailbreak is a Texas mud run that occurs all over the state including DFW, Austin, Houston, and Padre. Let’s just say I was prett-ay pumped. Insert muscle woman face here:

Unfortunately, Diego hurt his knee a couple weeks ago, so he wasn’t able to run the race with Lucy and I. He instead had the honor of being our photographer.

Pre-race dancing/flexing was necessary.

We raced in the 9:30 wave, which was a completely full group of runners. It was a really fun mix of people – something I’m not using to seeing at “normal” running races.

The course snaked through a beautiful field and forest-y area at the DFW Adventure Park. I love running on trails, so I was in heaven.

The race composed of 20 different obstacles, ranging from crawling through mud pits, to wading through creeks, to climbing over walls. One of my favorites was the HUGE inflatable slide towards the end.

I had to figure out just how I was going to make it to the top of the slide without falling down.

Diego got a good picture of Lucy flying down the slide!

After the slide, we had to run through a mud pit…

Then roll our way through a sand pit…

And we finished! Nice and DIRTAYYYY!

After laughing for a good five minutes about how dirty we were and how much fun we had, we made our way to the “shower,” AKA a guy standing on top of a shipping container spraying us with a hose.

What can we say, we are intense (or act like we are).

The Jailbreak was SO MUCH FUN!! I am totally hooked on these obstacle course races and I would love to do another in the future. Maybe I’ll run a Spartan Race next!?


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