La Dolce Vita Food and Wine Festival


I have never considered myself to have a legit hobby. I know people who love fishing, mountain biking, playing the guitar (the things I classify as ‘legit hobbies’) – but I have never been able to find that one thing that I consider to be my hobby.

Last week, I was asked the inevitable interview question – “Tell me about your hobbies”. Up until recently, I would have more than likely laughed it off and said “I don’t really have any.” But this time, I looked deep down inside and realized one bases their hobbies off what they love to do…and I love to EAT and workout. So, there ya go, I DO have hobbies: eating and working out. I’d say those are the two best hobbies anyone could ever ask for.

So, when I was invited to La Dolce Vita Food and Wine Festival at Laguna Gloria this past week, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to exercise one of my two new-found hobbies: EATING!

La Dolce Vita is a food and wine festival hosted every year at Laguna Gloria on Lake Austin. If you have never been to Laguna Gloria, or seen pictures, you are definitely missing out. It is an absolutely breath taking venue.

This year marks the 23rd Annual La Dolce Vita Festival, and it also marks my first La Dolce Vita experience. Because I didn’t really know what to expect, when I walked in the entrance and they handed me a wine glass and a plate (that actually attached to your wine glass), I felt like I had just walked into the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. It was pure heaven. Unlimited food and wine as far as my little eye could see.

I wish I could have gotten more photos of all the food, but I found it quite difficult to balance a glass of wine, a plate of food, AND my camera. For my first La Dolce Vita experience, I opted to experience the event, rather than focus all my attention on my photos. Next year, I will arrive early, snap photos, then enjoy.

Though I didn’t capture nearly a quarter of the sips and nibbles I partook in, here are the snapshots I did get of this great event:

The amazing men of Spicewood Vineyards. They had the BEST wine at the entire event, in my opinion.

Spicewood Vineyards hands down won the best wine award in my books. Their Sauvignon Blanc is the best white wine I have ever tasted. They were even nice enough to give me a bottle to take home. This makes for one happy Meagan!

Spicewood Vineyards wine selection.

Grilled Texas Wagyu Hanger Steak Tostada from Tacodeli.

La Dole Vita

VIP area/Cocktail Lounge

LOVE his mustache! Cocktails provided by Midnight Cowboy.

The most beautiful bowl of delicious I have ever seen.

I love yellow flowers, so naturally I had to take a picture of these beauties.

Bubbles in the VIP area.

Told ya it was a great view of Lake Austin!

VIP area – with couches and all.

Oranges at the Drink.Well tent.

La Dolce Vita lit up on the wall of Driscoll Villa.

An awesome DJ makes for an awesome way to end the night: dancing!

I had a fantastic time at La Dolce Vita Food and Wine Festival and I cannot wait until next year. Hopefully next year I’ll be more prepared!


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